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Mulheres em Palco / WOMEN ON STAGE

13 mar 2024


Since its origin, the History of Theatre has been built by male names. However, it is unthinkable that women have not also had an important role in this construction. Besides existing as characters, their contributions as performers, playwrights, composers, entrepreneurs, patrons, scenographers or costume designers, among a broad range of other functions, were fundamental to the development of the theatrical practice. This conference aims to recover the place of women in theatre since its origin until the 19th century, covering a wide variety of topics, which have women at their centre, either as the focus of a show or as marginal, as star or tertiary figure, as part of the audience or as producer of the cultural object. The conference aims to provide a comprehensive and transdisciplinary debate in order to rediscover the place of women in theatre in a global and historical approach. Please fill in the form below to complete your registration for the WOMEN ON STAGE From the backstage to the limelight Women in theatre until the 19th century International Conference. At the end, you will be redirected to the payment section. Please choose from the available secure options: credit card, MBWay, or ATM/home banking (the last two are for Portugal only). After you have completed the payment, a receipt of payment (with the data you introduced) will be automatically issued. IMPORTANT: If you need to have an invoice or to pay via another option (e.g. bank transfer) DO NOT fill in this form and contact us at mulheresempalco@gmail.com instead.

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